AVL GPS Tracker GS-818

AVL GPS Tracker GS-818 (GS-818) 
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Beschreibung:  GS-818 GPS Locator is specially designed for vehicle tracking applications, equipped with Siemens GSM module and SiRF Star III GPS Receiver.
The rugged metallic structure is a best match for in-car environments.
Opened I/Os are provided for sensors and relays.
The GARMIN FMI interface opens the communication between dispatcher and driver.
Product is currently not available and can not be ordered


High GPS and GSM sensitivity
Send position via GPRS or SMS
ACC ON/OFF Detection
2 Output, 2 Analog Input, and 5 Digital Input available
Configurable via COTA, SMS command, and PC software.
Programmable auto report based on Time or Distance.
Embedded Motion Sensor and Flash Memory.
GARMIN FMI interface
Fuel detection
Plug & Play


AVL Tracking device GS-818
GSM Antenna
External GPS Antenna
Energy cable with open wire
6 PIN I/O cable

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